Insurances and Rental Terms

  1. Our prices include FULL INSURANCE WITH EXCESS
  2. Full insurance against all risks (CDW)
    Full insurance without risk at 10€ per day
  3. Special full insurance (FDW)
    FDW which cοvers damages caused under the car, windows and mirrors, tires and fire.
  4. Public Liability insurance (PL)
    up to 500.000 € for persons and up to 100.000 € for damaged properties.
  5. Theft protection
    In case the car is stolen the customer is relieved from any responsibility.
  6. Personal accident insurance (PAI)
    that covers medical expenses an accident.
  7. Free kilometers
    no extra charge for kilometers driven.
  8. Taxes
    VAT 24% is included to all our prices.
  9. 24 hours road service
  10. A free baby seat and child chair
    One babyseat or booster is free of charge, each extra costs 2€ per day.
  11. Road map / GPS
    Road map of Crete free of charge.GPS upon request costs 5€ per day.
  12. Age requirement
    The driver must be 21 years old for groups A-A1-B-C and 25 years old for the other groups.
  13. Driving license
    Driving license must be valid for, at least, 12 months.
  14. Traffic Fines and Administrative Sanctions
    Fines and appended administrative sanctions resulting from any violation of the Greek traffic law during rental period is safely the renters responsibility, it any such administrative sanction is not disclosed to the company at the end of the rental period (contact), the violation will be charged to the renter.
  15. Fuel
    Fuel is up to the customer.
  16. Rental length
    Minimum rental is 1 day (24hrs).up to 3 hours delay the charge is 15€.Beyond 3 hours the customer is charged with an additional day.
  17. Insurance
    In case of an accident the nearest Police station must be called,An accident report must be obtained and the rental company should be informed immediately. Without the report the renter is responsible for the entire cost of the repairs. For negligent or drunk driving, driving under influence of drugs or an unauthorized roads, driving to prohibited areas/countries, obvious acts of disregards to the vehicle,The renter is responsible.
  18. Delivery and collection
    Free of charge at most of our destinations any time until 22:00pm ,From 22:00 to 07:00 extra charge upon concert.
  19. Deposits/payment/guarantee
    For rentals booked from our website,A deposit to our bank account is required. The repayment/payoff of the rental can be done in our offices,in cash or via debit/credit card.As a guarantee a valid credit card is required.
  20. Cancellation fees
    For cancellations 20 days before the rental,There are no cancellation fees.For 10 days before rental ,the customer loses the deposit paid for the reservation.For less than 10 days cancellation the customer is obliged to pay 50% of the agreed rental fee.
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